A bank of imaginations

This site produced in collaboration with Herraiz&Soto for shoemakers Camper was one of the first projects we developed in AS3. The result was nice and worked well.

The users could create their own imaginations and fantasies, composed by texts, sounds and images. The imaginations were stored in a bank that could be access as a sort of grid with a color legend. You could filter the imaginations by tags, type or user and acces the content and like them. The most liked imaginations featured in the homepage.

The site is no longer available, but you can see some examples below. The grid was formed by cells that were 3D objects and could rotate over its own axis. Several cells could turn to show a given content at any time.

When you filter contents, the grid would clear and new cells would fall from the top to cover again the screen. It was a spectacular show that unfortunately we can show right now.

We’re glad to have worked for a bank that’s never in crysis!

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