About Us

We love what you do

That's why we want you to love what we do.

We are the guys who turn your great ideas into real shiny projects.

We understand your needs as an agency, and the needs of your clients because we worked for nearly a decade at BBDO, one of the biggest advertising groups in the world.

While at BBDO it was always hard to find professional and creative partners who could help us develop and produce digital projects. We took the chance and badabing! was born to become that special partner.

And since 2006 we’ve been adding value to advertisers and brands.

From our sunny studio at Barcelona, we can always see the beach, the blue sky and the skyline of the city. If you ever come, you’ll have a seat in our terrace and a cold drink waiting for you.

Our methodology

Our work can stretch beyond production itself. We can help you define your project to establish affordable budgets and realistic deadlines, we can assist your creative team giving them ideas and insights on creative technology, and we can help you with any kind of feedback that your client needs about production.

We scale the production to the real needs of the project and try to find the right balance between effectiveness and creativity that allows us to always deliver on time and with a high level of quality.

Technology is only a tool

That’s why our main asset is our experience and we spend a lot of time talking about the project and thinking about it. Coding is the last thing you do.

We never force a technology to a project, you know the saying: choose the right tool for the right job.


You can’t pretend to be a specialist in every field. That’s why we have a list of key partners for specific developments: illustrators, animators, 3d modelling…
Whenever it’s necessary, we assemble teams to work in a project. This constant work with other professionals enriches us and our work.

The founders

Working together since the XXth century.

Oriol Pujadó

Oriol Pujadó

Founder and dad
Jordi Ministral

Jordi Ministral

Founder and a quiet man
Alexis Corominas

Alexis Corominas

Founder and a not so quiet man

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