Labuat // Interactive experience

Our most famous project for the singer Labuat was a creative idea by spanish agency Herraiz & Soto. The project tried to replicate the experience of painitng in the air following the rhythm of a song.

The song was the first single of the new record by Labuat. The experience proved to be as delicate and beautiful as the melody, and won several prizes around the world, including a FWA of the year by popular election. It was also included by the influential Time magazine in their list of top 50 websites of 2010. They are journalists and we are programmers, so probably they explain the piece better than us: read article

Click here if you want to start painting the air!

9 Responses to Labuat // Interactive experience

  1. Anastasiya says:


  2. wt says:


  3. KnD_VandaL says:

    Красиво :)

  4. Wladislav says:

    Brilliant work. It would be great to know how to make the projects like this.

  5. Rui Gaibino says:

    Superbe!!!!!!! Thanks

  6. Ellen says:

    Amazing!!! simple but so beautiful!!! :) LOVE IT!

  7. lanaKey says:

    love it sooooooooo much
    thanks for this perfect thing

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