Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns

All the formats you can think of

Standard, rich media, videobanners, brand days, pre-rolls, special formats, custom ads, sizmek, weborama, doubleclick… You name it, we produce it. From tiny pieces to nanosites in a shell, we have more than a decade of experience producing ad campaigns for everyone.

Yet, we also develop mass campaigns of standard pieces. Because we know the needs of the advertising agencies, the role of media planners and the specifics of supports and publishing platforms, so we can offer an extra help to account managers and creatives, ensuring the quality is kept high no matter the scale of your campaign.

Here you will find some samples of regular standard and rich pieces.

A simple animation banner for Volkswagen, got adaptations to 5 different formats with the same core code. View here.
For the launch of its new mobile device, SAMSUNG ordered a series of banners where the styles was the main star, drawing different illustrations. We programmed the movement of the Stylus to make it easy to produce all the different formats and versions. See it here.
With the raise of HTML5, we have been producing html ads like this one, adding a layer of interaction. Pan the ad by dragging your mouse. Watch it here.
Funny ad that followed the creativity of a tv commercial. Press the button to hear phrases that will help you pick up your beloved girl… like a tiger! Another work for Volkswagen that you can see here.
This is an example of an expandable ad that uses motion graphics supplied by Saatchi. We added a layer of interactivity and the final touches in a campaign with a multitude of formats. Try it here.
Another work for Saatchi where the trick is to cover and uncover the car by sand in a standard ad. Watch it here.
We’re fond of this ad because it is one of the first works that we did when we created badabing back in 2006. We bought a goldfish footage and stabilized the image so we could have a static pose loop that we could move around at our will. Watch it here.

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