Special ads

Special ads

Great value for lightweight ads

Here you will find banners we are very proud of. Most of them are very lightweight pieces, the magic is in the coding and animation. Sometimes we just find a way to do the trick and the result is even better than expected.

Usually our work involve creating false 3D, videos, animations or using technology in a very creative way to achieve the desired effect.

Most of them are very lightweight pieces, and if you ever had to put a lot of animation in less than 50 kbs, you’ll get what we mean. They involved adaptations to a lot of different formats, so it’s important to develop something that you can reuse and scalate easily lowering the cost of production while mantaining the quality level.

This was a very lightweight 3D effect of turning pages that we created for BMW. The effect is a mix of code and animation done in 2007, before proper 3D arrived to flash. Turn the page here.
This Renfe ad may look simple, but we bought a 3D model of a horse, animated it in Poser (including the horsehair) and exported it as vectorial silhouettes that were then simplified to reduce nodes. But hey, it looks great and fits under 100kb. Win a horse here.
This is a BMW campaign under 40 kb that replicated the blowing of a candle back in 2006. If you get the mouse close to the candle, you will see it reacting as if you were blowing it. The smoke was also a mix of code and vector animation. Blow here.
And yet another work for BMW in which a particle generator created shapes of different things that trailed the mouse with a bit of parallax effect. It was 2007 and the systems weren’t that powerful, so we had to put a lot of code to make it work without affecting CPU. Trail starts here.
Gas natural wanted a low cost motion graphics animation showing a house flooding to make an example of their household services. The animation was done in After Effects then used in many formats in a big campaign. Watch it here.
Samsung wanted a 3D effect of their tablets in this piece. We created the fake 3D models in After Effects then used the renders in this rich ad for a nice effect of patterns. Watch it here.
For Toyota we created a campaign with multiple pieces that painted variable sizes of the screen through expanded ads, floor ads and many other formats. We developed a single effect that could be reused in all of them with a minimal cost of kbs and CPU, as you can see here.

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