Touch is a powerful sense

The spanish agency Doubleyou asked us to work for the campaign LG Touch addiction.

The challenge was to translate tactile experiences to the web. We developed an intro full of feathers, different Mobile catalogs that you could swipe and some tactile experiences for the site.

The tactile experiences where then used in ad campaigns and desktop apps to great success, and over the course of the years different front end skins have been applied.

Play with the loading, touch feathers and most of all… try to discover our glorious lava lamp! Start looking for it here.
We crafted this experiecne for LG. The mouse creates a force that moves away drops of mercury. Very lightweight and CPU-low intensive, done in 2008. Play here.
Another ad for LG. This time you can play with feathers to reveal a message in the background. We even modeled the feathers in 3D for this one. Start touching here.

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