Craft your lucky numbers

“They don’t build ’em microsites like they used to anymore”. Well, some still do. Huge idea, huge production, huge success. We are thankful McCann Spain trusted us to piece together this incredible project.

The european lottery is celebrating its 10th anniversary and wants to help people to achieve their freedom. To do so you will go through an interactive video experience where your bad luck numbers will be transformed into your good luck numbers, a personalized bet. These numbers will then be engraved into a die that you can use to make your lottery bets, and mailed to your home free of charge.

The transformation of the numbers is done by an equationt that uses the  fibonacci sequence and many elements in the website follow the golden ratio.

Some features:

  • A real eagle !
  • Lots of top-notch video shot by Tesauro .
  • About 20 Spanish math teachers to choose from. For once, you get to make the teachers work for you.
  • The feed of your webcam integrated into the experience.
  • Voice recognition. Say your name and watch the host greet you with a “Hello, NAME”.
  • Exorcise your bad luck numbers by yelling them at the screen.
  • Lots of motion graphics to build all the icons in the site
  • Lots of timeline animation in a Monty Python style.
  • 5 different voiceovers
  • Customized video: your name, webcam stream and numbers integrated seamlessly in the video experience.
  • Come on ! A real eagle !

A companion mobile app was also done replicating the desktop experience (and the eagle).

You can watch a case history of the campaign and acces the site here!

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!